Olivia Kuan

Olivia began her pursuits as a cinematographer in her early years at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. There, she practiced her skills by shooting projects for her fellow students on a weekly basis. But just as importantly, her experience at NYU opened her mind to a story-driven approach to filmmaking that today sets her apart as a DP.

As her career continues, Olivia is devoted to shooting narrative films. Though she thoroughly enjoys all motion picture mediums, Olivia's strength remains to be capturing story. She builds upon ideas that originate on the page and adds to them with her own. Now having a full repetoir of narrative features under her belt, Olivia's goal is to continue working with compelling scripts that offer an opportunity for her to connect with the characters and visually tell their tales.

Having been trained on film, Olivia is presently a fan of Arri's Alexa family. The film-like quality offers a naturalistic visual intonation that is rare to come by in the technologically driven world of cameras in this day and age. Olivia is a proponent of cinematography that enhances the story but does not distract the audience from it. This is evident in her work save for a few exceptions designed based on stylistic choices. But it is this motivation that attracts her to the Alexa as an artistic tool.